Low Marketing Cost, High Returns.

Digital advertising provides two excellent tasks when it comes to marketing. First branding – getting your company in front of the eyes of potential customers. Second, leads – actually providing customers with links to collect data and potentially convert a sale. The only other marketing medium similar would be a billboard. However, billboards are not cost-effective and provide zero leads to your business.

Gallagher Business Development can both recommend and work with your budget for advertising to maximize impressions and clicks which will inevitably lead to sales. If you have an e-commerce website, then this form of marketing needs to be paramount. GBD can create, manage demographic information, and more to ensure that you are getting the most traffic for your dollar.

We always recommend a split (depending on industry) between social media (Facebook and Instagram) advertising and Google AdWords. This allows you to claim the top spot and also go after new clients in specific areas.

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Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing Too!

Small businesses should be leveraging the power of Google and Facebook advertising every day. With the cost being so low, your business can be exploding online and creating new leads. Contact us today for more!