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If you look at the offering from Gallagher Business Development, you will notice that we only offer a few in house fully managed marketing tactics. After website design, email marketing would be the next most popular service line. We have been helping businesses implement email marketing for over 12 years. Now, technology has made it cost-effective and a marketing tactic that you cannot pass up.

In today’s world of technology, there are two things that people are looking at all of the time. 1) Their cell phone and 2) Their email. That being said, your job as a business owner is to find a way to get in front of them and email marketing is just the thing. Here at GBD, we have seen a need to properly executed email marketing campaigns. All too often, we have seen people sending email marketing out that is not targeted, not attractive, too often (or not often enough), and with confusing information. When your emails are like this, you will lose subscribers and struggle to get opens and prevent unsubscribes.

We are marketing experts that strive to have above-average industry open rates, we study your industry to figure out frequency and demographic, and we will come up with content that engages. Contact us today to get the ball rolling at your company.

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This gives GBD resources and training that sets us apart from other email marketing providers. Contact us today to get started!