New Website – Martinez Party Rentals

This website was fun because I had a lot of control over the build itself. Previously, the Martinez Party people were using Wix. They were not getting any organic traffic or leads from their website. By moving them to WordPress and properly laying out their website and SEO, they began to get leads within the first week. THEIR NEW SITE: … Read More

New Website – PLC – Philadelphia Loss Conference

I love nothing more than helping to take a tired out of date website and refreshing it with an updated look that also incorporates some plugins that were otherwise an unattainable dream on website builders like Wix. THEIR NEW SITE: Their site includes: Have a website that you need to get designed? Contact us today!

New Website – South Jersey Auto Tags

It’s Friday… and Friday often means new website day! This week I am pleased to have had the opportunity to work with South Jersey Auto Tags. They are a national provider or Tag and Title services to car dealerships. When they first came to me, they had a WIX website (don’t get a wix website!) that was providing them no … Read More

New Website – JEM Vacations

Every now and then I am able to have complete design control over a website. Jerri did that for me. I am very proud of the layout, design, and use of images throughout this site. Not to mention, she gets 1-2 leads a week since this website has launched! Jerri contacted me asking about a website for her new small … Read More

Improve Page Speed

Have you ever seen a mechanic’s car? Usually, the mechanic’s car is the biggest POS on the road. I recently had that happen with my own company website! I was testing the Google Page Speed tester and dropped my jaw when I saw the result of the test. Yes, my website… a website that is selling other websites, was below … Read More

New Website – Mantua Creek Church

Proud to have done another website for a church in South Jersey! Mantua Creek Church, a new denomination as part of the EPC church, reached out to us to give them a website with a big modern look as well as the appearance of being local. Using images taken locally, we built the site to their specifications and are proud … Read More

New Website – G2 Explosion

G2 Explosion is a youth football, mentoring, health/wellness program located in southern NJ. They contacted GBD with a need for a website that mirrored an “under armor feel” to entice both potential registrations, as well as, sponsorships. Their new site: Their site includes: Blog SEO Modern Design Responsive Website Both a one page interface and multi page website Pop … Read More

New Website – Historical Locations Management

Historical Locations Management contacted GBD for an updated design and improved web presence. Their original site, built over 15 years ago, was out of date, not responsive, and lacking SEO. Their new site: Now they have: Blog SEO Modern Design Responsive Website Pop-Ups and More… Want to get your site redesigned, contact us today!

I am Honored That I Get to Help People

I have been thinking a lot about what it is that I do here at GBD. Am I just another business? What am I in this for? What matters and how do I want to be remembered? Am I charging enough and should I stop giving things away for free? These are all questions that plague me every day as … Read More