Holiday Party Reminders

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Wow, here we are… a few days into December and I am excited because that means we are in Holiday Party mode!!! No matter what industry you are in you will have either your own company party or, if you are like me, countless networking events. That being said, I figured I would take this opporunity to put some friendly reminders out there to help prepare you for the festivities.

  1. You don’t have to drink ALL of the alcohol. Every year, never fail, there is at least one person at every holiday party that tries to drink their weight in alcohol and then they go on to say or do something that they will forget. If the party if 4 hours long, here is your plan: 1 pre-dinner cocktail, 2 wines with dinner, and one apertif.
  2. Let’s talk about dresscode. Stop calling your industry friends to ask for how to dress. When in doubt, go business casual.
  3. Don’t invite yourself. I was at a company party recently and there was someone there that had invited themselves. It was awkward the whole night. They were actually a competitor and everyone kept asking why they were there… it was a whole thing and a bad look all around.
  4. Consider bringing a host gift. If you have been invited by someone, consider bringing them a thank you. If it is an industry event, bring a door prize. It helps you to stand out and shows good faith.
  5. The “Lost in Translation” Dancer. If there is live music or a DJ, feel the vibe of the room before busting your best moves out. You don’t want to end up as Elaine from Seinfeld!
  6. The Office Grinch. In every workplace, there’s one who’s not quite feeling the holiday cheer. Easily identifiable by their eye-rolling during the Secret Santa reveal and muttered complaints about the music selection, the Office Grinch is just counting the minutes until they can escape to their quiet, holiday-free sanctuary. Don’t be that person… stay home.

In conclusion, whether you’re trying to escape the mistletoe, laughing at the photobombing prodigy, or dodging the dancing enthusiast, the work holiday party is a melting pot of personalities. So, put on your best ugly sweater, channel your inner elf, and brace yourself for the festive chaos that only happens once a year in the hallowed halls of work and industry celebrations!

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