I am Honored That I Get to Help People

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I have been thinking a lot about what it is that I do here at GBD. Am I just another business? What am I in this for? What matters and how do I want to be remembered? Am I charging enough and should I stop giving things away for free?

These are all questions that plague me every day as I am growing a brand and a business in the ever popular digital marketing and web development industry.

When I started 2021, my goal was to move away from the small business world that I cut my teeth in and focus on going after large clients only. This is a very popular concept for so many businesses like mine. BUT, then I remembered why I started what I started and it all became clear to me.

I have the honor of helping so many small business owners and start ups achieve their dreams by providing them with the same marketing tactics and advice that their biggest competitors already know.

When I started GBD 12 years ago, I was looking for a way to get beer money. No, that is not a joke. I wanted to supplement my income stream so we could go on vacation and have a pool of money that we don’t stress about spending.

Since then, I have accomplished the following:

  • Paid off my student loans.
  • Paid off my last car payment.
  • Taken the family on vacations.
  • Started and closed two other test businesses.
  • Grew the company 100% year over year the last 5 years.

As I reflect, that is an amazing journey. And now, as I look at what my goals WERE for 2021, I have decided to change them. I am not exactly going to turn down the large sites, but my goal is to stay focused on the small businesses of the world. Especially now, you all need the exposure and cost effective marketing solutions to achieve your goals. I promise to stand by you 100% and help you in anyway I can without taking advantage of you.

Be Small, THINK BIG is still alive and I want all of my customers to know that they should reach out to me anytime for help.

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