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page speedHave you ever seen a mechanic’s car? Usually, the mechanic’s car is the biggest POS on the road. I recently had that happen with my own company website! I was testing the Google Page Speed tester and dropped my jaw when I saw the result of the test.

Yes, my website… a website that is selling other websites, was below a 20 on the page speed test! To give you an idea, here is how the results show up:

  • 0-49 – Bad
  • 50-89 – Moderate
  • 90-100 – Great

These results vary whether Mobile or Desktop. As you can see, it is VERY difficult to obtain that top 90-100 score.In fact, since this time I have not been able to do this without building the site custom and putting A LOT of time into compressing files, code, and images. Time that many small business clients cannot afford.


By implementing the following plugin and using the below tactics, I was able to come up to a 50. It was a huge jump and while I was proud there is still so much to do.

Tactics to Increase Page Speed:

  • Add the following plugin:
  • Use this to clear the cache, compress images, and compress code.
  • Run all of your updates.
  • Delete Inactive plugins and themes.
  • Take a look at the hosting package and determine if it is still suitable for your needs.

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