Tips to Speed Up Your Website

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I was leaving work last Friday and I decided to spend some time in the Google Search Console focusing on my own company website. Not sure if you ever heard the age-old adage of the auto mechanic having the worst car on the road… but in the case of page speed my website was hurt! I literally clocked in at a 4! Yeah a 4!!!!

Want to know what your page speed is?

Website page speed is one of the most important factors of your website with regard to SEO and user bounce rate. There are a few areas that cause a website to slow down.

  1. Image sizes – Large images can take a long time to load.
  2. Cache – If your website is loaded with transient data or other old data that you are otherwise unaware of, then it can slow your site down.
  3. Hosting package – if you have a lower-level hosting package and a large website with a lot of images it can slow down the website with just one user on the site.
  4. Render Blocking JavaScript
  5. Not using a CDN – Content Delivery Network
  6. Un-Optimized CSS
  7. Your theme, if your theme is large or outdated it could be weighing you down.
  8. And other factors

If you are on WordPress, here are some (Free) plugins you want to get right now:

  • Smush – this will give you the ability to compress your images and other content.
  • Autoptimize – this will allow you to eliminate cache, render JS, and Optimize CSS.
  • If you need help with your hosting, you can purchase it at 3DUB hosting and get the package that is best for you. Email me and I can help you figure out what package can be best.

Implement these 3 things and you will see a MUCH improved page speed. Just implementing these 3 plugins took me from a 4 to a 49! While there is some other work to do, this improvement is really high and I will add a follow up post when I get back to 90-100. Otherwise, if you need help with page speed or your website in general call GBD today!

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